Why Study Uechi Karate?

Because of its roots in ancient Chinese culture, the practice of Uechi-Ryu goes far beyond self-defense and exercise.
As in all Chinese arts of that time, the goal is to strengthen and better the students’ character, and therefore, their lives.
Proper breathing, posture, and mental control, working in harmony, allow the students of Uechi-Ryu to gain better control over their lives.

We live in an age where many negative forces exist in our daily lives — fear of assault, health issues, and job insecurity — all beckon a method to cope with and overcome the negative, a method to bring positive life forces that are latent in all people to the surface. That proven method is the ancient Chinese art of Uechi-Ryu.

With a moderate desire to change yourself, and a few hours per week of training, astonishing results may be realized in a short period of time.  Adults and children see the positive results through enhanced physical and mental being that sets life long patterns of confidence and goal achievement.