RankBeltRequirementsTime in Grade
Jukyu (10th kyu)
Kyukyu (9th kyu)Sanchin, exercises1-2 mos.
Hachikyu (8th kyu)Above, + Kanshiwa
Sichikyu (7th kyu)Above + Kanshiwa bunkai
Rokyu (6th kyu)Above + Kanshu, Kotikitai, Kyu Kumite
Gokyu ( 5th kyu)Above + ,questions, sparring.8-12 mos.
Yonkyu (4th kyu)Above + Seichin
Sankyu (3rd kyu)Above + strong sparring
Nikyu (2nd kyu)Above + Seisan, Seisan Bunkai
Ikkyu (1st kyu)Above + Kenyuikai Kumite18-24 mos.
Shodan152 Years + all Kyu requirements
Nidan151 Year after Shodan + Seiryu
Sandan202 Years after Nidan +Kanchin
Yondan203 Years after Sandan + San-sei-ryu
Godan254 Years after Yondan
Rokudan/Renshi305 Years after Godan
Nanadan/Kyoshi406 Years after Rokudan
Hachidan/Kyoshi488 Years after Nanadan
Kyudan/Hanshi6012 Years after Hachidan

Note: Black Belts must be a continuous active member to qualify for these minimum requirements.