Dan Kumite

Dan Kumite (Dan-nobu)

Dan Kumite is introduced at the black belt level.
It should always be practiced with great fighting spirit.

The student maintains the role of attacker or defender for the entire six points, roles are then reversed to complete the Kumite.  Attacker point # 4 changes with role reversal.

1. Right reverse punch off back foot. Circle block, right front kick to ribs.
Block defenders kick with right arm. Pivot as you circle block, right reverse punch to ribs.
Right reverse punch off back foot.
Block defenders punch with right arm.
2. Right reverse punch off back foot. Outside circular block.Left reverse punch to ribs, step, Right reverse punch to chest.
Block defenders punch with right arm.
Block defenders punch with left arm. Block defenders kick with left scooping block and throws kick to left.
Right front kick to mid-section.
3. Right reverse punch off back foot. Right circular block.Right front kick to mid-section.Back kick to mid-section.
Block kick with hard right downward block.
Block back-kick with left and right arm “crescent kick” block.
4*. Right thrusting sidekick to mid-section.*With role reversal, a right jump kick is performed. Right circular forearm block.
Grab attackers left shoulder.Right hooking punch to head.
5. Right punch to head. Left inside circular block.Right shuto to head.
Block shuto with upper left block.
Right crescent kick to head. Right crescent kick block.
6. Left front kick. Outside block with right forearm.
Right high punch. High block with right arm.Take-down (right hand on attacker right knee, left hand below knee).
Lift right attacker leg, stomp on groin.