The Eight Uechi-Ryu Kata

Uechi-Ryu kata should be learned in sequence, according to rank. While a student could memorize all eight kata in a few months, he or she would not be learning the kata. Learning requires memorization, synthesis, and evaluation. The higher-level learning can only be accomplished over time, with steady input and guidance from instructors, which leads to self-evaluation and insight.

KataFormal Exercises
Sanchin3 steps or 3 conflicts
Kanshiwa (Conchabu)Perfect peace unity
Kanshu (Daini Seisan)Second thirteen
Seichin10 (positions of defense and attack)
*Seisan13 (positions of defense and attack)
Seirui16 (positions of defense and attack)
KanchinPerfect battle
*Sanseirui36 (positions of defense and attack)

*Indicate the three main kata which were taken from pangainoon and taught by Uechi Kanbun.
The remaining five are bridging kata which were developed by Uechi Kanei.

In a number of cases, the English terms are not literal translations of the Japanese terms.