Ralph Cohen

RC1Dr. Ralph Cohen began his study of the Martial Arts at the Uechi Karate Academy in Hartford, Connecticut in September, 1987. He was first introduced to the art by a friend, and “fell in love” with Uechi Ryu from the moment he sat in on a class to watch. He was intrigued by the grace of the moves and the fitness of the students and instructors. Since then, he has been a faithful student and instructor at the Academy.

Ralph began teaching morning classes in 1992 at the Hartford Academy along with Gerry Hendewich, and continues to teach two mornings a week. His interests are in incorporating Zen and meditation aspects of the training into the hard routines of Kata and Kumite.

San Chin, the cornerstone of Uechi Ryu, is roughly translated as “The Three Conflicts” – challenging the practitioner to master the balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit. All three aspects are crucial to achieve balance and harmony in one’s life, and the daily practice of San Chin provides a vehicle to achieve a sense of focus, good physical health, and a connection to Spirit. In his classes, he helps students with the difficult task of attending to all three levels of San Chin.

Dr. Cohen has studied with various Uechi Ryu masters, including Kyohide Shinjo, Narahiro Shinjo, Shinyu Gushi, James Thompson, John Spencer, Ernest Harriman, John Griffin, and Tom Piacentini. Each Master contributes an emphasis on a different aspect of Uechi Ryu, yet all teach from the same foundation. All emphasize a return to basic study of San Chin on a daily as a means to life-long improvement and development at all levels.

Dr. Ralph Cohen is a clinical psychologist in private practice and professor of Counseling and Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University.

Dr. Cohen is a Yondan (4th degree Black Belt) and instructor at the Uechi Karate Academy in Hartford, Connecticut.